Tomorrow the 5th of October, after 1175 days out of Belgium and 117.000km on Mazou's counter, our trip has come to an end. We read a few other end conclusions of our friend travelers and each time we said that we didn't want to have to write it.

But here we are. The last 40 months, we were teached at the university of live by old, young, rich, poor people from different cultures. We got richer in friendships, learned to live with few material things and had 36 countries in our backyard. We got cold, cried, pushed each other limits further and further but grew as people in something that wasn't a holiday.

We see the world and how it works different than before. We bought a 'broadband television' and opened our mind. You should never judge a country, a culture before immerging yourself into it.

Working with animals, organisations and just by traveling, there is one thing we have noticed: if everybody could live with less, human could still be part of the ecosystem. At the moment, it is so unbalanced that mother earth is not able to follow the rythm.

At the end, humanity is the only one who will be able to make a difference and change this sad reality. That's why it is important for us to spread the word and write this website. We hope you enjoyed traveling with us through it. We are still writing on three countries in our roadmap...

For us, a new life is starting. We left Belgium only the two of us and our trustful car Mazou and Foufounette. In a few months, our family will be bigger. Yes, we will have a little adventurer 'hecho en Ecuador' that will ask us to talk about everything we saw, felt, smelt...

This is the cherry on the cake of our trip. We are both really happy and will try to build a better world for our little Belgian with everything we learned.

See you soon.

J-F and Ju